“America and the World – 2017 and Beyond” – lecture at David M. Kennedy Center, BYU

Nov 2, 2016

“Power is shifting from governments to governed in the age of social media, and problems and solutions are as likely to arise from within populations as from their governments. With a more focused, updated, coherent and organized national effort in Washington, the United States can regain lost credibility and influence, and once again set a worthy example for other countries to emulate.

To do so, we must all recognize that military and economic might are necessary but not sufficient conditions for the successful exercise of American power in the world. Our most potent assets are not physical but psychological.   America’s reputation is the source of our power, meaning our reputation for acting with strategic wisdom, setting worthy objectives, leading by example, supporting the legitimate aspirations of other peoples, and being a reliable supporter of international law and justice.”

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