Global Markets and National Interests: The New Geopolitics of Energy, Capital, and Information

Jul 21, 2002


Global Markets and National Interests – the New Geopolitics of Energy, Capital and Information, L. P. Bloomfield, Jr., ed., Washington, DC – CSIS Press, 2002

The explosion of applied technology around the globe is redefining national interests. This book traverses the fields of energy, finance, and national security to offer a look at the new century’s new geopolitics. Experts in all three areas join in a conversation about the ways in which globalization is affecting U.S. foreign policy, including: James A. Kelly, Richard L. Armitage, Peter Fusaro, Herman T. Franssen, Catherine L. Mann, R. Taggart Murphy, Adam E. Sieminski, Kevin G. Nealer, Robert B. Zoellick, Yukio Okamoto, Janne E. Nolan, Robert A. Manning and Paul D. Wolfowitz.

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