Remarks to the Society for International Affairs on Changed Threat, Challenges, and Transatlantic Defense Cooperation

Jun 3, 2004

Society for International Affairs, London, UK

“Unlike the Cold War, this time no one threatens to subjugate us. Our enemies have no serious political demands. They define themselves by opposition to everything we represent. This is not a winner-take-all adversary, as in the tradition of imperial powers. This time, we are faced with a grim new form of zero sum game between ourselves and terrorists, measured in blood. And so we adapt law enforcement, intelligence and military tools to secure our homelands and find the terrorists where they live. But no matter how effectively we use force against them, there is only one way truly to make this terrorism danger recede – and that is to turn our adversaries away from a destructive ideology and try to calm their hatred. Once again, it seems, we are caught in a generation-long struggle for the hearts and minds of a large segment of the world’s population, centered this time among the Arab and Islamic young generation.”

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