Testimony at HFAC Hearing, “Undermining Democratic Institutions and Splintering NATO: Russian Disinformation Aims”

Mar 9, 2017

From Amb. Bloomfield’s prepared statement:  “Russia’s hope is that our political differences can be exacerbated, and internal divisions sharpened, such that the left and the right, Republicans and Democrats, coastal elites and the red state heartland, will never find common ground…. If we are to preserve our cherished right to say no to policies we oppose, we must now demonstrate our capacity to say yes to the things that matter most…. [T]he first step in defeating the rival authoritarian model threatening the international order is to show that our system works, reaching common ground on core issues affecting our security, our future solvency and our reputation in the world.”

From Amb. Bloomfield’s remarks at hearing:  “Recognize that what Russia tries to do works best if no one ever figures it out.  They have been caught.  We have caught them.  And so flip the lights on, let the sunlight of transparency shine on all of their sins.  Punch the truth through their firewalls and let 143 million Russian people know everything about Vladimir Putin and what his circle has done.”

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